Shallow Roots plant care and repotting mat **FREE SHIPPING**

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While we care for our plants, why not do it in style? The plant care mat is essential for houseplant care and maintenance without mess! With this foldable plant care mat, you can repot, propagate, prune, water, and care for your plants without getting your counter, table, or floor dirty. The potting mat is 100% waterproof and has raised corners that contain soil and water. It is super easy to roll or fold up and store in a cupboard or drawer, meaning it doesn't take up any valuable space in our homes.

This wonderful accessory measures 70x70 cm, which makes it also perfect for bigger-sized plants too! Once you are finished with your plant care, the plant care mat only needs to be wiped or rinsed with water, and you will be ready to use it again next time!

Size: 70cm x 70cm x 5cm unfolded // 26cm x 19cm x 1.5cm folded

Colour: Black with white 'Shallow Roots' logo

Material: canvas covered in a smooth waterproof coating

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