Donkey's Tail (Sedum morganianum 'Burro's Tail')


*PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING: Due to this plants delicate nature, some leaves will most likely drop in transit but you can propagate from any leaf fall that occurs by placing them back onto the soil. *

Sedum Morganianum is a trailing succulent native to Southern Mexico distinguished by its overlapping, lance-shaped, fleshy blue-green leaves. Better known as 'donkeys tail' or 'burro's tail' due to its trailing tail like appearance it makes a beautiful indoor hanging plant.

Toxicity: Non toxic .

Approx dimensions:

11cm Pot Diameter 
12cm Length
11cm Width


Seen here in our 10.5cm exterior glazed prick pot

PLEASE NOTE: as with all living plants they all differ slightly meaning they won’t look exactly the same as the photo and not all will be in flower at time of purchase. 

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