PLANT: House plants: choosing, styling, caring by Gynelle Leon (SIGNED COPY)

£12.99 £15

My first book focused on just cacti and succulents, but I am a true houseplant lover too. So, it felt natural to write a sister book which includes the same high quality photography and low jargon understandable approach to houseplants that was so popular with my first book PRICK.


- A plant gallery showcasing some of the very best house plants
- A chapter of styling ideas to inspire you to show your plants and their best
- A care guide with all you need to know to help your plants thrive

Due to the pandemic forcing us to stay home, many of us looked to houseplants as a way to keep a bond with nature in our homes and also help de-stress during extremely crazy times. So, I think a book which helps us identify, care and style them would be perfect for all the new and existing plant parents out there.


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