Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata)

£6.99 £11.99

** The last of our Boston Ferns are sparser than our typical stock and/or have some browning to their leaves - and have been discounted accordingly **

Nephrolepis exaltata, commonly known as the Boston fern or the sword fern, is a species of fern native to tropical regions in the Americas.

Toxicity: Non Toxic

Approx dimensions:

12cm Pot Diameter

35cm Height

12cm Width

 **Non-succulent plant alert**

CARE: Requires bright indirect light to light shade, so protect from direct light. Enjoys humidity so mist frequently to avoid browning tips. 

PLEASE NOTE: as with all living plants they all differ slightly meaning they won’t look exactly the same as the photo and not all will be in flower at time of purchase. 

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