Glasshouse Greenhouse by India Hobson & Magnus Edmondson


India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson are photographers based in Sheffield and together form Haarkon. The pair have a talent for storytelling through their images and their Haarkon blog began as an outlet for them to share the things that they had collected on their ‘days off’ from their photographic commissions. The Haarkon tour began as a self-initiated adventure in

Oxford’s botanical garden and since then, they have wandered in countless greenhouses; navigating their way through humble polytunnels, characterful cacti collections and tropical hothouses, travelling the world to seek out new plant-filled adventures.

Glasshouse Greenhouse showcases some of Magnus and India’s favourite botanical spaces that they have visited. Divided into seven thematic chapters – History, Specimen, Community, Research, Pleasure, Hobbyist and Architecture – the featured spaces are portrayed via a series of photo-essays that draw out the style, plant collections and character of each space.

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