Elho Vibes Fold Round Pot, in Butter Yellow

£5.99 £11.99

The new indoor vibes family fits perfectly into the vibes of a cozy, harmonious, fashionable, friendly interior. The pots will bring out the best in your indoor plants with its slightly rounded body, soft tones and decorative pattern. The flowerpot is watertight so you can put it on your wooden table or windowsill without having to worry: stains are a thing of the past!

• Made from recycled plastic using wind energy
• 100% recyclable
• Does not discolour, is easy to clean and sturdy


⌀ 14 x H 13 cm

⌀ 16 x H 15 cm

⌀ 18 x H 17 cm

⌀ 22 x H 20 cm

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