Anther + Moss

Anther + Moss, The Dalton 15cm Ø, in Concrete


This Anther & Moss pot is made of unlined concrete.

The beauty of unlined concrete is that it absorbs water and lets it evaporate, so you can give your plants a big ol’ drink without worrying about waterlogged soil or root rot.

When you water your plants you’ll see the pot soak some up, and slowly dry out again.

With time the water leaves it trace on the unlined pots, creating a unique and beautiful patina. More water = more patina.

Note: we don’t recommend placing our unlined concrete pots on surfaces that can be damaged by moisture.

15cm is a cylinder 15cm high and 15cm in exterior diameter, the saucer is 17cm in diameter and 1.75cm high (fits 12/13cm plant)

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