We have created our studio 'Shallow Roots' as a place to celebrate plant art, design and culture. A safe space for plant lovers we aim to combine our love of the arts and wellbeing benefits of plants to create special experiences to enjoy. 

Our workshops are a welcoming environment of the team and our attendees makes our workshops perfect for some solo time or time or to catch up with a friend or spend a special day. 

Scroll down to see whats on:

25th June 2022: Brazen Botany x PRICK workshop

Join us at our creative studio Shallow Roots for a workshop where we combine creativity and plants.

We have teamed up with Brazen Botany to curate a workshop where you will learn how to create your own hand crafted cactus sculptures. Brazen botany are known for their high contrast 'statement art houseplants'.

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is an activity that has been associated with mindfulness. Its simplicity, the humble act of engaging with paper, the feeling of textures and creases and the visual result that emerges, all offer excellent ways to practice mindfulness. So join us for a relaxing experience to ground yourself in the slow and thoughtful motions of your hands to create your very own cactus sculpture perfect for any position in your home (no need for any plant care!).


7th Dec 2021: London Terrariums TinyJohn Workshop

We are so honoured to have terrarium OG Emma Sibley and her team in Shallow Roots teaching us how to create our own ecosystem. Terrariums are beautiful and also very low maintenance. Book your ticket and spend a fun evening crating a green sculpture for your home.  


6-9th Sept 2021: PRICK X Horse with no name 

To celebrate its recent launch, Horse with No Name has partnered with us to create a unique event for cactus and cocktail lovers.

Guests will join Prick founder and self-proclaimed cactus addict Gynelle Leon, and the Horse with No Name saloon team for a one-of-a-kind workshop to practice the art of cactus grafting, discover their favourite bourbon cocktails, and learn how to make them.