Care instructions for cacti and succulents

These are very general rules and there are some cacti and succulents that require different care. All our homes are different in terms of temperature ventilation and sun exposure so please follow these steps and adjust according to plant needs.


Water every 14 days between April- September 
increasing to every week during the warmer months. Allow the soil to dry between watering. Remember that smaller pots dry out faster than large ones. 
Between October – March do not water; this is their enforced winters rest where plants should be kept in a dry, cool and airy place. Due to central heating a small amount of water once a month might be required to prevent drying of roots.


Feed every 4-6 weeks (using a succulent specific feed) during the growing season (march- oct).
Well draining soil
cacti and succulents like open, gritty compost to allow surplus water to drain through
prick soil uses the following mix: 
1 part pumice : 1 part john innes ii : 1 part  coir compost

Temperature & air

Cacti & succulents are adapted to warm climates and love the heat so in the summer they will enjoy the warmer weather however they do require good ventilation so you can even move them outside during the warmer months.

During the winter keep in a cool position in the home no lower than 8-10°C and away from the direct heat of a radiator or heating device. 


Most love a sunny position, for example a south facing windowsill or a conservatory or greenhouse, where they are protected from frost and excess humidity. However some cacti and succulents do prefer half shade so check your specific species. 

Love your plants