Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)


The well known and loved Monstera deliciosa aka the Swiss cheese plant. Distinguished by its unique glossy green foliage covered in fenestrations (Swiss cheese like holes) that become more prominent as the plant ages. (It's worth noting that if ingested this plant is mildly toxic to humans/dogs/cats.)

Toxicity: Monstera leaves contain calcium oxalate crystals which, if ingested, irritate the mouth and stomach.

Approx dimensions:

14cm Pot Diameter

50cm Height

14cm Width

 **Non-succulent plant alert**

CARE: Requires bright indirect light - avoid direct light which can scorch mosteras leaves. The large leaves can collect dust, so clean them gently with a damp cloth from time to time. Water weekly and don't allow the soil to dry out completely.


Seen here in our 17cm exterior glazed prick pot

PLEASE NOTE: as with all living plants they all differ slightly meaning they won’t look exactly the same as the photo and not all will be in flower at time of purchase.

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