Opuntia Microdasys


Possibly one of the most recognised cactus, the Opuntia microdasys is native to central and northern Mexico but can now be found scattered throughout the world. Its iconic shape has earned it a multitude of common names including white bunny ears, rabbit ears cactus, bunny ears cactus, bunny cactus, polka-dot cactus, angel’s wings and bunny-ear prickly pear. Instead of spines, it is covered with hundreds of white or yellow glochids which can be highly itchy if touched!

Approx dimensions:

8.5cm Pot Diameter 

20cm Height

8.5cm Width


Seen here in our 8.5cm exterior glazed prick pot

PLEASE NOTE: as with all living plants they all differ slightly meaning they won’t look exactly the same as the photo and not all will be in flower at time of purchase. 

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