Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera)


Schlumbergera better known as the Christmas cactus are known as such as they burst into flower right around Christmas time. Their brilliant blooms varying from pink, white to purple add some additional joy to the festive season! In case you needed another reason to love them, the flowers of the Christmas cactus have adaptations for pollination by hummingbirds!

Schlumbergera are used to a slightly more humid climate and so would appreciate a little more water than its desert cactus cousins.

Toxicity: Non toxic.

Approx dimensions:

8.5cm Pot Diameter 

18cm Height (/Length)

8.5cm Width


Seen here in our 8.5cm exterior glazed prick pot

PLEASE NOTE: as with all living plants they all differ slightly meaning they won’t look exactly the same as the photo and not all will be in flower at time of purchase. 

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