Home Pot Painting Kit **NEW**

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 Pot painting is a fun and creative activity for yourself or the children. It also creates a unique gift. It's a great way to practise mindfulness, switch off and get inspired.

With this at-home kit, you can choose to complete it at your leisure at a time that suits you. Either alone as a mindfulness activity or as a way to catch up with friends or family, have a date or generally share

some creative downtime.

When you are finished, you will have a unique pot for your new little cactus, making a perfect desk pet. 

Please check out our mood board for inspiration - there's no wrong or right way to decorate your pot; it will be a beautiful reflection of your personality and style.


Small terracotta pot (6cm)

Small cactus 

Wooden paint palette

Wooden paint brushes x 6

Roll of thin masking tape 

Paint pot pallet with 5 x Non-toxic acrylic paint 

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