Self Care Gift Bundle



Through the practice of caring for our plants, we can also care for ourselves. While partaking in plant care, we are away from our devices, not thinking of our to-do lists or other life pressures, and can connect and ground ourselves in nature.

Plants are proven to reduce stress levels and provide a sense of calm by just looking at them. With the right care, houseplants can live for years, making them more sustainable than cut flowers and beautiful addition to their home or office. 

This is a thoughtful gift for someone going through a tough time, a big life change or anyone who would appreciate a new plant pal and an uplifting book helping us find inspiration and wisdom in Nature.


Gift contents

Rubber plant:  The rubber plant, or Ficus elastica, serves all the looks without needing lots of attention. Its leaves are top-tier glossy and firm, making them attractive and hardy.

Leaf Green Elho pot (sustainably made pot) beautiful designer pots from 100% recycled plastic produced with 100% pure wind energy.

Garden Bridgewater 'How to grow' bookA transformative guide offering lessons for growth rooted in lessons from the plant world to help cultivate the soul.


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